1. Select a location after you’ve made a rental request.

2. Communicate to the owner what time you would like to pick up on the pick up date, so they can meet you there or drop off the equipment prior to you arriving. NEVER pick up earlier than the requested pick up date. The location hub will not release the equipment until the pick up date.

3. Confirm on how you plan to use this location hub.

4. Make sure if you will not be personally picking up the equipment to authorize whoever will by using the feature on the site. Make sure they bring their ID with them as well.

5. Call the location hub if you have any questions about time, parking or anything else.

6. Tell the location hub your name and that you made a rental on ShareGrid. They will pull up the order sheet and retrieve your equipment.

7. Inspect the equipment and make sure it is functioning. If you notice any damage that has not been marked on the order sheet, mark it, and contact the owner to make them aware of the damage before you leave the location.

8. Sign the sheet when you leave and when you arrive.

9. If any damage occurred, take photos, contact ShareGrid and mark it on the order sheet.

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