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What if my gear is dirty or scratched?
What if my gear is dirty or scratched?
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As an equipment owner, it's important to understand that renting out your equipment means that it will be subject to more 'wear and tear' than if you were only using the gear yourself.

Small scratches (except on lenses and certain sensitive gear), scuffs, and light soiling that can be cleaned easily are considered normal wear and tear, and are not covered by any of the coverage options available on the site.

As soon as your gear is returned from a rental, make sure to check it thoroughly. If you notice damage that you think goes beyond normal wear and tear, take photos and email them to immediately so that our team can evaluate the issue.

Next, contact the renter, notify them of the situation and try to resolve the issue. If you need assistance, fill out our Incident Form, and our Claims Team will guide you through the next steps.

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