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Handling Equipment Wear: What to Do If Your Gear Comes Back Scratched or Dirty
Handling Equipment Wear: What to Do If Your Gear Comes Back Scratched or Dirty

Understanding Wear and Tear in Rentals:

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When renting out your equipment on ShareGrid, it may experience a natural wear and tear.' This is an expected aspect of frequent use, especially when multiple individuals handle the gear. Remember, small scratches (excluding those on lenses and delicate equipment), minor scuffs, and light dirt that can be cleaned off typically fall under normal wear and tear. These instances aren't covered by the insurance options we provide.

Steps to Take If You Spot More Than Just Wear and Tear:

  1. Inspect Your Equipment Promptly: Always check your gear when it's returned. Promptly identify any potential issues.

  2. Document Any Damages: If you encounter any damage that seems more than just regular wear and tear, take clear photographs to document it.

  3. Notify the Renter: Keep an open line of communication. Let the renter know about the damage and discuss potential solutions.

  4. Contact ShareGrid: If you need further assistance, email the photos and a description of the damage to Our team will assess the situation and provide guidance.

  5. Submit an Incident Form: If you can't resolve the issue with the renter directly or if the damage is substantial, complete our Incident Form. Our Claims Team will then assist you through the claims process.

Remember, it's crucial to maintain open communication with your renters and address any concerns promptly to ensure a smooth resolution and continue to foster trust within the ShareGrid community.

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