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Are there hidden fees on ShareGrid?
Are there hidden fees on ShareGrid?

There are no hidden fees! We keep fees transparent and straightforward!

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At ShareGrid, we believe in transparent fees. Whether you're selling, buying, or renting, our prices are clearly displayed on the transaction page.

For Rentals:

When you find an item you want to rent, add it to your cart. At that point, you'll be presented with available coverage options. Once you select a coverage option, we'll show you a breakdown of all the costs associated with the rental. This way, you'll know exactly what you're paying before you submit your rental request to the equipment owner.

For Buy and Sell:

If you want to buy or sell an item, head to the listing's transaction page. There, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of all the costs associated with the transaction. This means you'll have a clear view of the expenses before you submit an offer to the seller.

We want your experience on ShareGrid to be as hassle-free as possible, starting with being upfront about all costs. No surprises, just straightforward and fair pricing. Happy renting, buying, and selling on ShareGrid! Our friendly support team is always here to help if you have any questions.

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