How do I pay for insurance?

How to Purchase Insurance Serviced by Athos Insurance

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We offer insurance coverage through our insurance partner, Athos Insurance. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the purchase process:

Choose Your Insurance Type:

  • Annual Insurance: Ideal if you rent frequently or need coverage throughout the year.

  • Short-Term Insurance: Perfect for one-time rentals or short-term needs.

Steps to Purchase Annual Insurance:

  1. Navigate to your Settings.

  2. Click on Insurance.

  3. Choose Annual.

  4. Click on Get an Instant Quote.

  5. Select your desired policy options.

  6. You'll then be prompted to finalize the payment for the policy.

    โ€‹Note: Payment for annual insurance is processed immediately upon purchase by Athos Insurance Services, LLC, and is non-refundable.

Steps to Purchase Short-Term Insurance:

  1. Head over to your Settings.

  2. Select Insurance.

  3. Opt for Short-Term.

  4. Click on Get an Instant Quote.

  5. Determine your policy requirements.

    Note: Short-term insurance payments are processed once a rental request, covered by the short-term policy, is approved.

Need Assistance?

For any Short-Term or Annual Insurance questions, contact Athos Insurance directly at (626) 716-9800. They're best equipped to provide detailed answers and assistance to your insurance-related questions.

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