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What if I’ve misplaced an item as a renter?
What if I’ve misplaced an item as a renter?
Missing item policy for renters
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Missing items are not covered under any coverage option. It is your responsibility to retrieve and return missing items back to the equipment owner in a timely manner.

Missing Item Policy for Renters:

You have up to 24-hours, after the return date and time, to locate and return any missing item. Transportation costs are at your own expense.

If you need more time to return the missing items, you must have the owner’s permission in writing, within the rental conversation.

At an owner’s discretion, you may be charged a late fee equivalent to one rental day, as owners may have subsequent rentals affected.

Lost items, failure to respond, and failure to recover items on time will result in a charge for the missing items’ replacement. We will charge the card associated with the rental. In the event we’re unable to collect your reimbursement, we will engage a collections agency, affecting your credit score.

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