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Can an Owner ask me to sign a separate Rental Contract?
Can an Owner ask me to sign a separate Rental Contract?
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On ShareGrid, the Rental Conversation page (rental booking confirmation page) functions as the rental contract between an Owner and a Renter. This page includes all relevant details about the rental, including a Rental Invoice, and both parties in the transaction are bound by ShareGrid's Terms of Service and Community Rules. You can read more about this here

Some Owners may have their own additional rental contract or agreement that they request the renter to sign at the beginning of the rental period.

We allow this, provided that the Owner makes this requirement clear both on their profile page and on the listing page for each of their items. This is so that the Renter is aware of the requirement before booking a rental with that Owner.

As a Renter, if this requirement is not clearly stated on the Owner's profile page and listing page(s), and you are not comfortable signing an additional agreement provided to you by an Owner after booking, you're welcome to cancel the rental with no penalty. Please contact us if you need any help around this.

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