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What is drone hull coverage, and why do I need it to rent a drone?
What is drone hull coverage, and why do I need it to rent a drone?

ShareGrid Drone Coverage Guide

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If you're looking to rent a drone on ShareGrid, having the right insurance coverage is essential. Here's what you need to know:

Understanding Drone Coverage Types:

  1. Hull Coverage (Physical Damage Coverage):

    • This is the type of coverage required by ShareGrid.

    • It protects against damage to the drone and any attached equipment during flight. Simply put, your drone is covered if there's an accident in the air.

  2. Liability Coverage:

    • Some insurance providers only offer this, but it's insufficient for drone rentals on ShareGrid. It doesn’t cover physical damage to the drone.

ShareGrid's Insurance Options:

  1. Drones up to $3,500 in Replacement Value:

    • ShareGrid provides a Damage + Theft coverage option.

    • This can be selected and purchased instantly during checkout.

  2. Drones Above $3,500 in Replacement Value:

    • You need to provide your own drone insurance that includes hull coverage.

Don't Have Drone Insurance?

Our partner, Athos Insurance, has got you covered. Check out their drone insurance options here.

Uploading Your Drone Insurance Details:

  • Ensure you enter an email address from a recognized drone insurance provider when uploading your policy on ShareGrid.

  • If your provider isn't listed or you're unsure, drop us an email at

A Rapidly Evolving Industry:

The drone insurance landscape is constantly changing. If you're aware of a provider that offers hull coverage and isn't listed on our platform, please inform us at so we can keep our community updated.

Stay insured and fly with confidence!

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