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What is drone hull coverage and why do I need it to rent a drone?
What is drone hull coverage and why do I need it to rent a drone?
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In order to use a drone policy on ShareGrid, the policy must include hull coverage, also known as physical damage coverage.

This type of coverage offers protection against damage to the drone and attached equipment, while the drone is in flight. In other words, if you're flying the drone and there is an accident, the equipment itself is covered against damage.

Many drone insurance providers only offer liability coverage, which is not sufficient to rent drone equipment on ShareGrid.

For drones up to $3,500 in replacement value, ShareGrid offers Damage + Theft coverage as a convenient option. You can select and purchase this type of coverage instantly at checkout.

To rent a drone above $3,500 in replacement value, you'll need to use your own drone coverage.

If you don't have your own drone coverage, our partner, Athos Insurance, offers drone coverage here:

When uploading details of a drone policy on ShareGrid, you can only enter an insurance company email address from one of the recognized drone insurance companies. Please email us at if your insurance company is not available.

The drone insurance industry is changing rapidly, so this list will change over time as more providers offer hull coverage. If your provider offers hull coverage and you do not see it in this list, please email us at with more information.

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