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What types of drone coverage can I use on ShareGrid?
What types of drone coverage can I use on ShareGrid?

Drone Rental Insurance Guide on ShareGrid

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Renting a drone on ShareGrid? Ensure you're covered!

Coverage Options Based on Drone Value:

  • Drones Up to $3,500 in Replacement Value:

  • ShareGrid offers convenient Damage + Theft coverage.

  • Available for immediate purchase at checkout. Detailed terms, including coverage exclusions, can be found in Section 16 of ShareGrid's Terms of Service.

  • Drones Above $3,500 in Replacement Value:

  • You're required to provide your own drone insurance coverage.

Using Your Own Drone Insurance:

  • Is it possible? Yes!

  • How to Add: Navigate to your account: Settings > Insurance > Third Party. Upload your existing drone insurance policy details here.

  • Verification Process: We'll contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage details. Once verified, it will be active on your ShareGrid account.

  • Coverage Requirement: Your policy must include hull coverage (or physical damage coverage). This ensures protection against any damage to the drone and its attachments during flight. In simpler terms, if there's an accident while flying, the drone is insured against damages.

Don't Have Drone Insurance?

Our partner, Athos Insurance, offers specialized drone coverage. Learn more and get covered here.

Already Have Equipment Insurance?

If you believe your existing rented equipment insurance includes drone hull coverage, it's always a good idea to double-check. Reach out to your insurance agent for confirmation.

Remember, being properly insured protects you and ensures a seamless rental experience on ShareGrid. Safe flying!

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