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What types of drone coverage can I use on ShareGrid?
What types of drone coverage can I use on ShareGrid?

What is hull (physical damage) coverage? Which insurance companies offer this type of coverage?

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When you rent a drone on ShareGrid you need to make sure you have appropriate coverage for the equipment.

For drones up to $3,500 in replacement value, ShareGrid offers Damage + Theft coverage as a convenient option. You can select and purchase this type of coverage instantly at checkout. Please read the full Damage + Theft agreement and terms including the coverage exclusions, in Section 16 of ShareGrid's Terms of Service.

To rent a drone above $3,500 in replacement value, you'll need to use your own drone coverage.

Can I use my own drone insurance?

Yes. If you have an existing drone insurance policy, you can upload the coverage as a Third-Party policy on your account. (Settings / Insurance / Third Party)

As with all Third-Party policies, we'll need to verify the coverage before you can use it to rent equipment on the site. We'll email your insurance company to confirm your coverage details, which will then be applied to your ShareGrid account.

In order to use a drone policy on ShareGrid, the policy must include hull coverage, also known as physical damage coverage.

This type of coverage offers protection against damage to the drone and attached equipment, while the drone is in flight. In other words, if you're flying the drone and there is an accident, the equipment itself is covered against damage.

If you don't have your own drone coverage, our partner, Athos Insurance, offers drone coverage here:

If you believe that your current rented equipment insurance policy includes drone "hull" coverage, please contact your agent to confirm.

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