Instant Book Cancellations
Can I cancel an Instant Book rental?
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The cancellation policy for Instant Book rentals is different from regular rentals on ShareGrid. Please read on for more information.


As a renter, our standard Cancellation Policy applies to Instant Book rentals.


Cancellations by owners for Instant Book rentals are strongly discouraged, since the program is designed to provide renters with quick, guaranteed access to gear on the site. Cancelling these rentals may cause your account to be removed from the Instant Book program.

Cancellations are permitted in the following limited situations:

  • The renter has several unfavorable reviews that warrant concern.

  • The renter plans to use your gear for an activity or in an environment you are not comfortable with. Such as filming a solar eclipse or filming in a sandy environment. 

  • The renter does not answer questions in a timely manner over ShareGrid messaging.

  • The renter requires delivery to a location you do not wish to deliver to.

  • The renter requires additional items that are not listed for Instant Book and are not available. 

Cancellations for other reasons are not permitted and may result in your account being removed from the Instant Book program.

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