Problems during shipping are rare, but if something happens to an item while it’s in transit, we’re here to help.


As the buyer, if there is a shipping-related issue with the item you purchased, please contact ShareGrid support as soon as possible. All issues must be reported within the 48 Hour Review Period for the sale.

Items Damaged Upon Arrival

  • Document any damage by taking multiple photos of the item from different angles, showing the damage in as much detail as possible. We will reach out to the Seller and ask that they file a claim with the shipping carrier or insurance company. 

  • You will be asked to return the damaged item(s) to the Seller. If the original shipping box is damaged in any way, please use a different shipping box, and package the item according to our Shipping Guide. Our support team can answer any questions you have about this process.

Lost items

All orders on ShareGrid are shipped using tracked services. Before reporting a lost item, double-check the delivery status with the tracking number on the order page for any updates, such as delays. If the status shows a ‘package exception’, it may indicate a problem with the delivery. At that point, please contact ShareGrid support. We will reach out to the Seller and ask that they file a claim with the shipping carrier or insurance company.


As the person shipping the gear, there are several steps you can take to avoid issues with shipping, prior to sending a package. Please read through our Shipping Guide to learn more. 

If a buyer reports an issue with an item, such as damage, or if the package fails to arrive, our support team will reach out to you. The process for filing a claim in these cases depends on the kind of coverage that was used for the shipment:

Shipment coverage purchased through ShareGrid

  • Please note that Shippo requires a 20-day waiting period before filing a claim. During this time, we will instruct the Buyer to return the package back to you.

Shipment coverage purchased directly from the shipping carrier or an insurance company

You will be asked to file a claim with your carrier / insurance company. Please review the list of major carriers below to find a direct link to your carrier’s claim form. 







ShareGrid does not handle the physical processing and delivery of packages. The person who ships a package, a shipping carrier, or an insurance company are ultimately responsible when packages are delayed, damaged, or lost.

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