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What if an item is damaged or lost during shipment?
What if an item is damaged or lost during shipment?

Handling Shipping Issues on ShareGrid

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While shipping issues on ShareGrid are infrequent, it's essential to know the steps to take if you encounter any. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, we've outlined a clear guide to help you navigate any shipping-related challenges.

For Buyers:

1. Reporting Shipping Issues:

If you encounter a problem related to shipping for an item you purchased, please alert ShareGrid support immediately. Ensure you report within the stipulated 48 Hour Review Period post-sale.

2. Damaged Items:

  • Documentation: If the item arrives damaged, promptly take several photos showcasing the damage from various angles.

  • Return: Send back the damaged items to the seller. If the original shipping box is compromised, use an alternative and pack according to our Shipping Guide.

  • Support: Our team will communicate with the Seller, prompting them to file a claim with their shipping carrier or insurer.

3. Lost Items:

  • Tracking: Always monitor the delivery status using the provided tracking number. Should you notice a 'package exception' status, it might signal a delivery hiccup.

  • Report: In such cases, immediately contact ShareGrid support. We will liaise with the Seller for claim initiation.

For Sellers:

1. Shipping Precautions:

Minimize shipping challenges by following best practices. Familiarize yourself with our Shipping Guide before dispatching any item.

2. When Issues Are Reported:

If a buyer has a shipping problem, our support team will get in touch. The claim process will differ based on your chosen shipping coverage:


Please note that ShareGrid does not directly manage package delivery. The onus of responsibility for any delays, damages, or losses lies with the shipper, the carrier, or the insurer.

Remember, we're always here to guide and assist you. If you have any queries, reach out to our support team for prompt assistance. Safe shipping!

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