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ShareGrid Buy & Sell Protection: A Comprehensive Guide

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At ShareGrid, our primary goal is to foster a community built on trust and seamless transactions. Our Buy & Sell Protection is designed to provide buyers and sellers a secure and positive experience. Here’s what you need to know:

Buyer Protection:

  • Safe Payments: All payments are processed via Stripe, ensuring a secure transaction environment. Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified and adheres to best-in-class security practices.

  • Fraud Protection: Our advanced fraud detection system proactively stops unauthorized transactions. Should any issues arise, we’ll step in, investigate, and help resolve them.

  • Review & Returns: Enjoy peace of mind with our 48-Hour Return Policy. Within 48 hours of receiving your order, you can request a return and refund, provided the items remain in the condition you received them. Depending on the return reason, the buyer or seller might bear the shipping and insurance costs.

  • Responsive Support: Our dedicated in-house support team, well-versed in the items you purchase, is available via email and chat.

  • Dispute Resolution: If you have any issues with your order, contact us and file an Incident Form within 48 hours of receipt. We'll mediate between both parties and hold funds securely until a resolution is found.

Seller Protection:

  • Secure Payments: Avoid the risks of cash deals or unverified transfers. We safely hold buyer funds and release them to your bank account after the buyer’s acceptance.

  • Fraud Protection: Like our buyers, we actively monitor and intercept fraudulent activities, ensuring sellers remain protected.

  • Responsive Support: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, knowledgeable about your selling items, and available across multiple communication channels.

  • Dispute Resolution: Should challenges arise in your sale, contact us and file an Incident Form. We’ll mediate and securely hold funds until an agreement is reached.

Seller Best Practices:

  • Accurate Listings: Ensure your item listings are precise, with current photos and comprehensive details.

  • Stay Updated: Remove listings of items sold elsewhere.

  • Clear Shipping Policies: Dispatch items within two business days post-sale confirmation.

  • Signature Requirement: Use a signature-required delivery service for items over $250.

  • Adequate Insurance: Insure shipments as sellers bear responsibility for damage or loss in transit. Consult our Shipping Guide for more insights on safe shipping.

ShareGrid Buy & Sell Protection Requirements:

  • Transactions, including payment and shipment records, must be processed on ShareGrid's platform. Cash transactions aren’t covered.

  • Ship to the confirmed buyer's address only. Items over $250 require a signature upon delivery.

  • Sellers bear responsibility for damage or loss during shipping and should ensure packages accordingly.

  • Buyers must inspect items within 48 hours. All sales are finalized post this window. If items weren't received, a protection claim must be filed within 48 hours from the expected delivery date. The fraud protection cap stands at $5,000.

If you have concerns or want to report suspicious activities, contact us at We're committed to ensuring your peace of mind on ShareGrid.

Disclaimer: ShareGrid is not an insurance provider, broker, or agent. ShareGrid is not licensed in any state or country to be an insurance provider, broker, or agent. ShareGrid Buy & Sell Protection is not an insurance policy. Eligibility for reimbursement under the ShareGrid Buy & Sell Protection is subject to your compliance with all of the terms and obligations in ShareGrid's Terms of Service.

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