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How do I ship an item to a buyer? Do I need to provide tracking information, or require a signature? How about insurance for the package?

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You've made a sale โ€“ fantastic! Now, it's time to ensure your item reaches its new owner safely.

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your shipping process smooth and efficient (if your buyer is picking up locally, see our guide here).

1. Selecting a Shipping Service:

  • ShareGrid Shipping Labels: Easily buy shipping labels from major carriers via ShareGrid. Click on Review Shipping Rates, input shipment specifics, then pick your preferred shipping option. Our volume discounts often render better rates than buying directly from carriers.

  • External Shipping: If purchasing outside ShareGrid, choose a carrier offering tracking. Popular options include USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Input the tracking number into ShareGrid to proceed.

  • Signature Requirement: Items over $250 mandate a signature upon delivery. If buying through ShareGrid, we'll auto-suggest fitting options.

  • More on Buy & Sell Protection: Refer here for ShareGrid Buy & Sell Protection details.

2. Insurance Considerations:

  • Shipment Insurance: To safeguard against loss or damages during transit, always consider shipment insurance. Remember, as the shipper, you bear these risks.

  • Shippo Coverage: For items up to $5000, enjoy Shippo coverage at 1% of the sale price while purchasing your label via ShareGrid.

  • External Coverage: For items above $5000, seek external insurance providers.

3. Estimating Shipping Costs:

Use these calculators from renowned shipping companies:

Always select the signature-required option for items over $250 when assessing costs. Don't forget to consider shipment insurance.

4. Preparing Your Item for Shipping:

  • Professional Packing: Consider using the carrier's packing services for high-value items. They provide ideal materials and ensure your item is packed securely.

  • DIY Packing Tips:

    • Box Selection: Opt for a durable box, leaving 1-2 inches for packing materials around the item.

    • Secure Packing: Cushion your item with ample bubble wrap or similar materials. Ensure the item remains stationary during transit.

    • Packing Slip: Add a copy of the packing slip (available on ShareGrid's order page) inside the box.

    • Labeling: Print your shipping label, ensuring clarity. Display both sender and recipient phone numbers.

    • Sealing: Use quality tape generously. Protect address info with clear tape.

    • Drop-off: Hand over your package at the carrier's location, completing the necessary formalities. Always think about insuring your item during transit.

    • Tracking: If using ShareGrid's label, tracking updates automatically. Otherwise, input the tracking number on our site. Buyers get instant notifications, allowing them to monitor the delivery.

Congratulations! Your part is done.

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