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How to Add a Discount to a Rental as an Owner
How to Add a Discount to a Rental as an Owner

A Simple Guide to Offering Discounts to Reward or Attract Renters

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Offering discounts can reward loyal customers or attract new ones. Follow these simple steps to add a discount to a confirmed rental:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Accept the Rental Request:

    • Ensure the rental request from the renter is confirmed before adding a discount.

  2. Access the Rental:

    • Go to your message inbox and click on the rental you want to discount.

  3. Edit the Order:

    • Under the 'Order Summary' section, click the "Edit Order" button.

  4. Select New Discount:

    • Choose the "New Discount" option.

  5. Define the Discount:

    • Specify the discount amount.

    • Add a brief description like "New Renter" or "Repeat Customer." This will be visible in the Order Summary, so the renter will know why they receive the discount.

  6. Apply the Discount:

    • Click "Apply Discount" to add the discount to the rental.

That's it! The system will automatically recalculate the total charge, including the discount.

Following these steps will make offering discounts to your renters easy. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Happy renting!

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