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How do I add a discount to a rental?
How do I add a discount to a rental?
Want to offer a discount to your renter? Here's how.
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As an owner, sometimes you'll want to offer a discount to your renter. Maybe you've made a deal for renting a bunch of gear at once, or you want to offer a 'new renter' discount for someone who's renting from you for the first time.

Discounts can only be added on confirmed rentals, so the first step is to 'accept' the rental request from the renter.

Once the booking is confirmed, here are the steps to add a discount:

  1.  Click on the rental from your message inbox.

  2. Click the Edit Order button (just under the 'Order Summary' section).

  3. Select New Discount.

  4. Type the dollar amount of the discount, and add a description (e.g. 'New renter', 'Repeat customer'). This will be shown in the Order Summary section.

  5. Click Apply Discount.

You're all set! Now the discount has been added, our system will automatically re-calculate the total charge for the rental.

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