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Can I authorize someone else to pick up or drop off rental equipment for me?
Can I authorize someone else to pick up or drop off rental equipment for me?

If you're sending someone else to pick up or drop off gear, you'll need to add them as an 'Authorized Person' for the rental.

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ShareGrid has you covered if you need someone else to handle the pickup or drop-off of your booked rental on your behalf!

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free process, please follow these steps to add an Authorized Person:

  1. Access your message inbox and locate the rental conversation.

  2. Click on the rental in question.

  3. Find and click the 'Add Authorized Person' checkbox.

  4. Provide the necessary information about the authorized person as requested.

  5. The authorized person will receive a text link to initiate the ID Verification process.

  6. Our dedicated team will review the submitted information once the ID Verification is completed.

  7. Assuming all verification processes are successful, ShareGrid will send you a confirmation message within the rental conversation thread. This message will acknowledge that you've successfully added an Authorized Person to the rental.

By taking these steps, you've efficiently ensured a seamless rental experience. At ShareGrid, we aim to provide all our users with a professional and secure environment. If you have any other questions or need more help, our friendly support team is always ready to help. Thank you for being a part of ShareGrid, and we wish you a wonderful rental experience!

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