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Why does it say 'Coverage limit exceeded'? Why is there a coverage limit on my account?
Why does it say 'Coverage limit exceeded'? Why is there a coverage limit on my account?

New account on the site? Here's how coverage limits are assessed.

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Understanding Coverage Limits on ShareGrid

If you've encountered the message "Coverage limit exceeded" on your ShareGrid account or are new to the site, let us clarify what this means and how it works. We're here to ensure you have a smooth experience, so let's dive in!

Coverage Limit for New Accounts:

If your account is new on ShareGrid, or you still need to build up a rental history, you may notice a limit on the amount of Damage Only or Damage + Theft coverage available to you. Think of it as building up your credit with a credit card company – the more successful rentals you complete, the higher your coverage limit will become. Currently, the maximum available coverage limits are $5,000 for Damage Only and $30,000 for Damage + Theft.

Tip: Pending rental requests can actually use up part of your coverage limit, so please feel free to cancel any requests you're not planning to proceed with to free up your coverage.

Options for Increasing Coverage:

If you need more coverage and have reached your current limit, we've got two options to help you out:

Purchase a Short-Term or Annual policy:

These policies offer the most comprehensive coverage on the site. They come with a fixed deductible, which in most cases is lower for valuable items compared to using Damage + Theft coverage. The best part is that these policies can cover multiple items, provided the total replacement value is within your selected coverage limit.

Request an increase to your coverage limit:

If you've hit your current limit but still need more coverage, we've made it easy for you to request an increase. You'll see an option to submit your request when you reach the checkout stage.

Tip: Please complete your profile, including links to your film/photography portfolio and social media profiles. The review process considers your previous industry experience and rental history, so showcase your best work on your profile!

Please keep in mind to only select this option once per cart. We'll go ahead and process your request in the order it was received and let you know via email whether it has been approved or declined.

We hope this information helps you better understand coverage limits on ShareGrid. Please contact our friendly support team for further questions or assistance. Happy renting!

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