If your account is new on ShareGrid, or you haven't built up a rental history yet, you may notice that there's a limit on the amount of Damage Only or Damage + Theft coverage you have access to. 

Just like building up credit with a credit card company, this limit will increase over time as you complete successful rentals. The maximum available coverage limits are $5,000 for Damage Only and $30,000 for Damage + Theft.

  • Quick Tip: Pending rental requests 'use up' part of your coverage limit, so always make sure to cancel any requests that you're not planning to proceed with.

If you've reached your limit and you need more coverage, you have two options:

  1. Purchase a Short-Term or Annual policy. These policies offer the most comprehensive coverage available on the site. They have a fixed deductible, which in most cases is lower for valuable items compared to using Damage + Theft coverage. These policies can be used to cover multiple items, provided the total replacement value is within the coverage limit you select.

  2. Request an increase to the current Damage Only / Damage + Theft coverage limit on your account. If you've already reached your limit, you'll see an option to request an increase at the checkout stage (see below).

Before you select this option, please make sure your profile is fully completed, including links to your film/photography portfolio and your social media profiles. The review is based on your previous industry experience and rental history, so make sure to showcase your best work on your profile!

Please only select this option once per cart. We'll process your request in the order it was received, and we'll let you know via email if your request has been approved or declined.

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