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What do the different item conditions mean?
What do the different item conditions mean?

How do I tell what condition an item is in? As a seller, how do I determine what condition to list?

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When listing an item for sale on ShareGrid, it's essential to describe its condition to ensure transparency with potential buyers accurately. Here's a clear breakdown of the different condition categories you can choose from:

1. Brand New:

  • The item is untouched and has never been used.

  • It remains in its original packaging (if provided).

2. Like New:

  • Although pre-owned, the item appears and feels brand new.

  • Absolutely no signs of wear or usage.

3. Very Good:

  • The item might exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections.

  • These imperfections are purely cosmetic and do not affect the item's functionality in any way.

  • The equipment operates flawlessly.

4. Good:

  • The item clearly shows signs of use.

  • It may have visible cosmetic damages like scrapes, scratches, or dings.

  • Despite these signs, it remains in perfect working order.

5. Acceptable:

  • The item has been heavily used.

  • It might have minor functional issues, which need to be explicitly and comprehensively described in the listing.

  • The item still serves its primary purpose despite these issues.

6. For Parts:

  • The item is not in working condition.

  • It could be defective, need repairs, or be missing critical components.

  • Such items are typically sought for parts or potential restoration.

By adhering to these guidelines, sellers ensure clarity and build trust with potential buyers, leading to a smoother transaction for both parties.

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