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Why should I sell my gear through ShareGrid?
Why should I sell my gear through ShareGrid?
What are the benefits of selling my equipment through ShareGrid? What do you do to protect me as a seller?
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There are lots of ways to sell your gear, so why choose ShareGrid? 

Ready-made market 

We’ve spent years building a community of 75,000+ creative professionals in film and photography. When you list your gear for sale on ShareGrid, you’ll reach a huge marketplace of people who actively engaged rent, buy and use gear.

Powerful security 

We verify each buyer’s ID, phone number and contact information, so you know exactly who you’re talking to. Our powerful automated security systems minimize the risk of fraud.

Easy, secure payments 

We handle all payment processing, offering buyers multiple easy ways to pay online. There’s no need to deal with cash when meeting up with a buyer - you’ll receive confirmation of payment before you hand over equipment, and then a direct deposit to your bank account. All sales information is saved in your ShareGrid account for easy reference.

Total control 

Set your price, or choose to accept offers from potential buyers - it’s up to you.


Offer your gear for sale, rental or both. Give potential buyers the opportunity to try out your gear before they purchase, with all the protections that ShareGrid offers.

World-class support

Our team provides responsive, efficient help with sales, returns and refunds.

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