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Navigating Returns on ShareGrid: A Buyer's Guide
Navigating Returns on ShareGrid: A Buyer's Guide

Essential Steps to Ensure a Smooth Return of Your Purchased Gear

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When you buy equipment through ShareGrid, it's essential to understand the return process fully. This guide gives you clear steps to follow if you need to return an item, ensuring you comply with our policy and timelines.

Return Deadlines to Keep in Mind:

  • Local Purchases: Initiate a return within 48 hours after confirming your payment.

  • Shipped Purchases: Returns must be requested within 48 hours of delivery.

Criteria for Returns:

  • Items must be in their original condition, including all accessories.

  • New items should remain unopened in their sealed packaging.

  • Items cannot be returned if they exhibit usage or are missing parts from what was initially purchased.

How to Start Your Return:

Process for Returning Your Purchase:

  • Local Returns: Arrange a return directly with the owner at a mutually agreed time and place. You are responsible for personally handing over the item.

  • Shipped Returns: Pack the item securely and inform the owner it's on its way back. You can use a traceable shipping method and consider insurance, as you'll be responsible for the item until it reaches the owner. The responsibility for shipping costs depends on the return reason.

Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure that your return is processed efficiently. Please let us know if you have any concerns or require additional support. In that case, the ShareGrid support team is here to help you ensure your selling and buying experiences go as smoothly as possible.

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