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What is the Inspection stage? When and where should I meet the seller / buyer?
What is the Inspection stage? When and where should I meet the seller / buyer?
Picking up gear locally? Here are some tips to help you plan and complete the transaction.
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Once an offer has been accepted and the payment has cleared, it’s time to meet up with the other person for your local pickup.

This is when you should arrange a time and place to meet so that the buyer can inspect the gear and make sure they’re satisfied with the purchase.

Generally, you should arrange to meet within 48 hours of payment clearing, but this is up to you and the seller.

Choose a location

We recommend meeting in a public place, such as a cafe, a shopping mall, or a public library. For high-value items, consider meeting at a local police station to complete the inspection and exchange of gear. Many police stations now offer designated areas for this kind of exchange.

Safety Notice: Bring your smartphone or laptop and your ID to the meeting. Check the other person’s ID when you meet to make sure their name matches the name on the site

Inspect the gear

This is your opportunity to thoroughly test and inspect the equipment. Use this time to check the condition of the gear, and test all its functions to make sure it is performing as expected. Here are some tips for inspecting gear:

  • For cameras and other electronic equipment, make sure to power on the gear, and check all buttons and systems are working. Connect the item to a power outlet and make sure it powers on and charges correctly, if applicable.

  • For lenses and other optical equipment, check the glass is clean, and the lens is free of dust, dirt or debris. Confirm that all moving parts work correctly.

  • For grip equipment, check that all moving parts are working as expected, and that all necessary pieces are included.

Once you’re satisfied that the equipment, and you’re ready to proceed with the purchase, you can move on to making payment!

If you are not satisfied with the equipment after the inspection, you can politely decline to buy the item. Please press the ‘cancel’ button on the transaction page to cancel the transaction.

Complete payment

You’ve inspected the gear together, and you’ve agreed to proceed with the sale. Now it’s time to complete the payment. Here’s how it works:

  1. The seller clicks the Request Payment button from purchase conversation page.

  2. The buyer clicks Confirm Payment from the purchase conversation page.

Both parties will be notified if there are any issues with the payment.

  • Do not hand over equipment until payment is confirmed. The seller will see a message showing ‘Payment Confirmed’ once the payment has gone through successfully.

As soon as the seller receives the Payment Confirmed message, you’re clear to proceed with handing over the gear. Congratulations!

Safety Notice: Do not use cash or alternative payment systems to complete a transaction outside of ShareGrid.
You will lose all protections and support offered by completing the transaction on ShareGrid. It is also a violation of our Terms of Use, which will result in your account being banned from the site. Support your community and yourself, keep it within the 'Grid!

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