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What is the Inspection stage? When and where should I meet the seller/buyer?
What is the Inspection stage? When and where should I meet the seller/buyer?

Guide to a Successful Buy & Sell Local Pickup on ShareGrid

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After your offer gets the nod and payment is secured, you're set for a local pickup.

Here's a step-by-step guide to ensuring a smooth and secure transaction:

1. Setting the Meet-Up:

  • Aim to arrange a meeting within 48 hours of the payment getting cleared, although the exact time frame can be mutually agreed upon.

  • To ensure safety and convenience, pick public venues like cafes, malls, or libraries. For high-ticket items, consider a local police station — many now have zones dedicated to safe in-person exchanges.

Safety Tips:

  • Always bring along an identification document and a device (smartphone or laptop).

  • Verify the counterpart's ID to ensure it matches the name registered on ShareGrid.

2. Inspecting the Gear:

Before the purchase, it's vital to ascertain the item's condition and functionality.

  • Electronics (like cameras): Power them on, assess button responses, and connect to an outlet to ensure proper charging (if relevant).

  • Optical equipment (like lenses): The glass should be pristine without any signs of dirt or damage. Test moving parts for smooth functionality.

  • Grip tools: Check for operational moving parts and ensure no components are missing.

If, after rigorous testing, the equipment doesn't meet your standards, it's completely okay to back out. In such cases, simply hit the ‘cancel’ option on the transaction page.

3. Finalizing Payment:

Once both parties are on the same page about the equipment's quality, it's time for the financials.

  • The seller initiates by selecting 'Request Payment' on the purchase conversation page.

  • The buyer acknowledges by pressing 'Confirm Payment' on the same page.

Stay alert to notifications regarding any payment hitches. Ensure the gear remains with the seller until the system confirms the payment. Only upon seeing a 'Payment Confirmed' notification should the seller hand over the item.

Important Safety Reminder: Always process payments via ShareGrid. Engaging in offline transactions or using cash exposes you to risks and is a breach of ShareGrid’s Terms of Use. This can result in account suspension. Uphold community trust by keeping transactions within the 'Grid!

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