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What do I do when someone makes an offer to buy my item?
What do I do when someone makes an offer to buy my item?

Responding to Offers on ShareGrid: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Notification of Offers:

When a potential buyer makes an offer on your item, an email notification will promptly be sent to you. From the moment the offer status changes from 'Under Review,' you'll have 24 hours to decide on your response.

Understanding the 'Under Review' Status:

Every offer made on ShareGrid first enters an 'Under Review' phase. This is our standard procedure to ensure the offer's legitimacy. The ShareGrid team will quickly review the offer and once cleared, the 24-hour decision window will start for you.

Choosing Your Response: Three Options:

  1. Accept:

    If the offered price meets your expectations, simply click on 'Accept' to proceed with the transaction.

  2. Counteroffer:
    If the initial offer doesn't meet your desired price, but you believe there's room for negotiation, click on 'Counteroffer'. Input the price you feel is right for the item. The buyer will be informed of your counteroffer and can then choose to accept or reject it.

  3. Decline:

    If the offer doesn't align with your expectations and you don't wish to negotiate further, select 'Decline.' The buyer will be informed that their offer wasn't successful.

Responding within the 24-hour window is essential to maintain a reliable reputation on ShareGrid. Whether you're accepting, negotiating, or declining, clear communication ensures a trustworthy platform for all users.

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