How do I pay for my purchase?
What are my payment options when I buy an item? When will I be charged?
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We offer two easy options to buyers for making purchases on ShareGrid. Payments for purchases are separate from payments for rentals. Here are your options:

Credit Card

We accept all major US-based credit cards.

If you make an offer on an item, your card will be charged when the owner accepts your offer. If you select Buy It Now on an item, your card will be charged immediately.

Related Fees: 2.45% + 0.30 cents for credit card payments.

Bank Transfer

You can securely pay with your bank account via Stripe.

When using a Bank Transfer as your payment method, the payment process is slightly different to using a credit card, but it will save you significant payment processing fees on your order. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose ‘Bank Transfer’, select your bank from the list, and enter your online banking details to link your bank account. We do not store your login information.

  2. Make your offer to the owner.

  3. If the owner accepts your offer, we check you have funds available, and place a hold on the funds in your bank account. This can take up to five business days.

  4. You’ll be notified via email once it’s time to meet up with the owner and complete the transaction. If shipping, the owner will be notified to ship after the bank transfer has completed.

Related Fees: 0.8% with a maximum of $5.00 for ACH bank payments

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