How do I pay for my purchase?

Making a Purchase on ShareGrid: Payment Options Explained

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At ShareGrid, we provide buyers with two straightforward payment methods for purchases. It's worth noting that the payment for purchases is distinct from the rental payments. Here's a detailed guide on your available payment options:

1. Credit Card Payments:

Accepted Cards: All major US-based credit and debit cards.

How It Works:

  • Making an Offer: Your card is charged once the owner accepts your offer.

  • Buy It Now: Your card is charged immediately upon selection.

  • Associated Fees: There's a transaction fee of 2.45% + $0.30 for credit card payments.

2. Bank Transfer via Stripe:

Opting for a bank transfer offers you an opportunity to save on payment processing fees.


  1. Linking Your Bank: Click on 'Bank Transfer'. From the given list, select your bank and provide your online banking credentials. For your security, we never store these details.

  2. Making an Offer: Submit your offer to the item's owner.

  3. Payment Authorization: Upon the owner's acceptance of your offer, we verify the availability of funds in your account and then place a hold on the required amount. This verification might take up to five business days.

  4. Finalizing the Transaction: You'll get an email notification prompting you to meet the owner and finalize your purchase. If the item is being shipped, the owner will receive an alert to dispatch the product after the bank transfer gets through.

Associated Fees: The transaction fee for ACH bank payments is 0.8%, capped at $5.00.

Whether you opt for a credit card or bank transfer, we've designed our payment processes to be as smooth and secure as possible. Shop with confidence on ShareGrid!

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