How to List Your Item for Sale

What’s the difference between Buy It Now and Accept Offers?

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Listing your item for sale on ShareGrid is easy and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process.

1. Start a New Listing:

  • Visit and sign in to your account.

  • Navigate to the top right and click on ‘Manage Listings’.

  • Select “Add New” and then choose “Listing.”

  • Complete the details in the “General” tab and select “Save.”

  • Move to the “For Sale” tab and click “Enable for Sale.”

2. Define Item Condition:

  • Brand New: Item is untouched, in its original packaging.

  • Like New: Previously owned but appears pristine without any wear signs.

  • Very Good: Minor cosmetic imperfections, fully functional.

  • Good: Visible signs of use like scrapes or scratches but functions perfectly.

  • Acceptable: Heavily used, might have minor functional issues which should be detailed.

  • For Parts: Defective or missing essential components.

3. Pricing & Offers:

  • Accept Offers: Enable this if you’re open to receiving offers from potential buyers. This can boost your chances of securing a sale.

  • Buy it Now: Allow buyers to purchase your item instantly at the listed price.

Pro Tip: You can activate both ‘Buy It Now’ and ‘Accept Offers’ for more flexibility.

  • Enter Selling Price: Determine the price of your item.

  • For Sale Details: Specify all items included in the sale.

  • Quantity Available: Indicate the number of items available for sale.

4. Choose Delivery Method:

  • Local Pickup: Allow buyers to collect the item in person.

  • Shipping: Offer shipment of the item. Decide between offering free shipping or setting a fixed rate. Opting for free shipping can enhance your listing's visibility.

5. Set a Return Policy:

Every seller on ShareGrid must offer a 48-hour return policy to provide buyers peace of mind. Confirm your agreement by ticking the checkbox for the “Community Rules and the 48-Hour Policy.”

6. Publish Your Listing:

Click on “Publish” to make your listing live.

Congratulations! Your item is now listed for sale on ShareGrid. Happy selling!

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