How do I list an item for sale?
What’s the difference between Buy It Now and Accept Offers?
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Here's how to list your item for sale on ShareGrid:

  • If you want to make a new listing on the site: go to, sign in to your account, and click ‘List your gear’ at the top right of your browser window. Fill out the details for the item, then check the box marked ‘List for Sale’.

  • If the item you want to sell is already listed for rent on ShareGrid: go to the item’s listing page and click ‘Edit listing’. From here, check the box marked ‘List for Sale’.

Once you’ve clicked the checkbox to list the item for sale, you’ll see a few options.

For Sale Description

Use this field to describe the gear you’re selling, including a full list of all items included. Note the condition of the equipment, any known issues, and anything else that a potential buyer should know. This description will be shown to the buyer before purchase, and it must be complete and accurate. This field is required.

Buy It Now Price

Check this box to set the price at which a buyer can purchase your item immediately. You must be ready to sell the item at this price, so set it carefully. When checking this option, you’ll see a slider with price suggestions based on similar items for sale on ShareGrid.

Accept Offers

Check this box if you’re also open to offers on your items. This is a good option if you’re not sure of the market value of the item, but you’re still interested in selling it. You’re welcome to check both ‘Buy It Now’ and ‘Accept Offers’, if you like.

Delivery Method

Choose between Local Pickup, Shipping or both. If you enable Shipping, you'll be asked if you want to offer free shipping - where you pay for the shipping costs - or set a fixed rate for shipping the item. Selecting free shipping improves how your item ranks in search results on the site.

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