As the owner of the equipment in a rental, you are in control of applying custom charges, discounts, and changing dates on rentals.

Extending a Rental Period
You may extend a rental period using the "Change / Extend Dates" option under "Edit Order" however certain caveats apply:

  • Once a rental pickup date has begun, you can not change the pickup date into the future, only the return date.

  • Extending a rental period will charge the standard daily rate for the gear X the number of additional shoot days. No additional discounts apply to the extended period as the owner did not agree to them at time of request.

  • If you extend the dates, you will see a custom charge in the breakdown for the additional days. If you remove this custom charge, the new dates will not change, and must be changed manually if you wish to revert.

  • Date extensions may increase the total rental cost for the renter, make sure they are aware and have agreed to this.

Reducing a Rental Period
You may reduce a rental period using the "Change / Extend Dates" option under "Edit Order" within the rental view. Certain caveats apply:

  • If you had previously extended the dates, you may see a custom charge in the breakdown for the additional days. If you reduce the number of days you will need to manually remove this extra charge as well.

Add a Custom Charge
Elite Members Only, Others Upon Request

You can impose a custom charge for services or equipment beyond the original request via the "Edit Order" control under the rental view. Custom charges will be charged to the renter's card at the end of the rental. Certain caveats also apply:

  • Only add charges for amounts that the renter has already agreed to.

  • Any additional equipment charged this way will NOT be covered under ShareGrid's "Damage Waiver" or "Damage + Theft" coverages that may have been applied to the original order. Also, you are responsible to verify with the insurance provider if the replacement value of any additional equipment charged under "Custom Charge" is covered under the limits of any supplemental insurance policies that the renter may have. ShareGrid does not verify or guarantee coverage for any equipment placed under custom charges.

  • Custom Charges will NOT incur any owner imposed taxes, if applied. Please bake any required taxes in to the charge.

  • Custom Charges will incur standard "Community Fee" on renters and "Service Fee" on owners.

  • You are limited to a max of $1000 for custom charges, any charges above this must be applied through ShareGrid Support.

  • DO NOT use custom charges for Damage, Late Fee, or Cancellation Fees. These must be requested through ShareGrid Support for processing.

  • If you don't see the "Custom Charge" option and would like to add a charge - please contact us for support.

Add a Custom Discount
You may also add a custom discount to the order, and it will be applied at the end of the rental to the final charge. Certain caveats apply:

  • You can not discount below your total profits for the rental.

Add a Delivery Fee
You can charge a delivery fee (up to a max of $200) if you have opted into delivery. You can opt in via the option under "Settings > Account > Are you willing to deliver?"

This will also display a delivery truck badge to your profile and listings and lead to increased rental requests.

You can apply a fee per rental if the renter has pre-agreed to your delivery terms and fees by tapping "Edit Order > Delivery Charge" under the rental view.

If you need to charge tax for the delivery, please bake it into the charge.

Adding a Damage Fee, Late Fee, or Cancellation Fee
All damage fees, late fees, or cancellation fees must be pre-approved and applied by ShareGrid Support. Please contact us to request these type of fees.

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