For Owners

How are rental days and prices calculated?

In order to keep a competitive yet fair marketplace and get our owners the most rentals, we realized that we needed to structure our discount formula to be competitive in and outside of the ShareGrid marketplace. Plain and simple. And that’s awesome! Because not only does it mean the best prices in town but it means more profit for our owners due to an increase in rentals.


1-3 DAYS 

If you rent for one, two or three days, you pay what you would think. For example, pick up is Monday, use of gear is Tuesday and drop off is Wednesday. Or gear use is Tuesday – Wednesday and drop off is Thursday.
1 and 2 Day Example Image

If you rent for pick up on Monday, shoot Tuesday – Thursday and drop off Friday, you will be charged for 3 days.

3 Day Example Image

THE FULL WEEK RULE (or 4 to 6 shoot days)

Just like any rental house, we’ve adopted a weekly discount. So if you rent with 4-6 days of use (shoot days), you only pay for 3 days. This discount has been pretty common among all of the leading rental houses in the industry.
Week Example Image


Weekend rentals will remain the industry standard 1 day rental. So if you want to rent with pickup to be Friday and drop off to be Monday, that counts as one day. if you decide to pick up or drop off within the weekend, such as Saturday or Sunday, it will be considered as 1 day. Take a look at the easy guide below on how weekends are calculated.


Pickup-Dropoff – Shoot Days

Thur-Fri – 1 day
Thur-Sat – 1 day
Thur-Sun – 2 day
Thur-Mon – 2 day
Thur-Tue – 3 day

Fri-Sat – 1 day
Fri-Sun – 1 day
Fri-Mon – 1 day
Fri-Tue – 2 day
Fri-Wed – 3 day

Sat-Sun – 1 day
Sat-Mon – 1 day
Sat-Tue – 2 day
Sat- Wed – 3 day

Sun-Mon – 1 day
Sun-Tue – 2 day
Sun-Wed – 2 day
Sun-Thur – 3 day


To get things going, during our beta launch in select markets, we have a temporary 20% discount on all rentals for new cities. As owners, this may seem counterintuitive as you may have already priced your gear to market rates.

Keep in mind, on average, our discount motivates new renters to try ShareGrid and rent your gear over other options. Simply put, the discount will lead to more rentals and more money in your pocket. We will adjust the incentive when market forces come into play to keep prices fair for all parties and people who rent on ShareGrid, but without the discount at the start you may never get a rental request and your gear will sit idle. If you do not like the beta discount, you can simply adjust your prices to be 20% higher to offset the built-in discount.